Victory Charter School Tampa 6-12 Lottery Procedures


Our Process

  • Applications for the lottery are available online from Wednesday, January 10th, 2024. Paper applications are available at the front office. Applications received after Wednesday, January 10th, 2024 go to the school Registrar.
  • Phase 1 from October 30th – December 15th.
  • Once a student is enrolled, there is no need to reapply each subsequent year. A student’s seat is guaranteed until at least the first day of school unless a parent notifies the school otherwise.

Admission Standards

  • Victory Charter School Tampa 6-12 is a public school and requires no application fee or tuition. • In order to be eligible for admission, students or their guardian are required to reside in the State of Florida at the time of the application.
  • Under Florida General Statute (GS115C-391), Victory Charter School Tampa 6-12 may refuse admission to any student who has been expelled or suspended from a public school, until the period of suspension or expulsion has expired.
  • Victory Charter School Tampa has the following admissions requirements:
    • A minimum 2.5 GPA (or the academic equivalent) their previous academic year (as shown in the most recent report card)
    • No serious discipline problem or a history of repeated infractions
    • No persistent attendance problems (must have no more than 10 unexcused absences in a given academic year),
    • Having completed Algebra 1 and Physical Science (if applying to 9th Grade)
    • Having completed Geometry and Biology (if applying to 10th Grade)
    • FSA scores of 3 or higher in Reading and Math.

Lottery Procedures

Victory Charter School Tampa 6-12 2023-2024 lottery will be held at Victory Charter School Tampa 6-12 on Wednesday, January 10th, 2024. Results will be sent to parents by email if an address was supplied, or by postal service.

The Victory Charter School Tampa 6-12 lottery is open to the general public, but attendance is not required for acceptance.

The lottery procedure must ensure that each eligible applicant, who submitted an application prior to the lottery application deadline, will have an equal opportunity to be randomly selected. It must also continue until all eligible applicants have been selected and placed on a final list.

The lottery will be run by a computer program written specifically for Victory Charter School Tampa 6-12.

When the lottery is run, it will assign a random number to every single applicant. Family members will be entered as a group and will all be placed at the same time. The applicants are then either placed or waitlisted according to priority and space availability in each grade level. Twins and triplets are always admitted together and cannot be split at admission.

Priority of Enrollment

Priority in enrollment is not a guarantee of a seat, there must be available space in grade or program. Once a student uses any enrollment priority to enroll, he or she may not use any priority again. Enrolled students.

Who subsequently withdraw must use the lottery process without priority to re-enroll. The only exception is for the Opportunity priority.

Enrollment priority may be awarded to the following, with priority given in this order:

  1. Children of the school’s full-time employees and Board of Directors.
  2. Siblings of currently enrolled students. Applicants must share a residence and a legal guardian with a currently enrolled Victory Charter School student to be considered an eligible sibling.

    Post Application Period Applications

    The school will decide each year whether or not to accept applications after the deadline.

    If accepted, any applications received after the stated deadline will be added to the end of the waiting list in the order that they are received. Order of receipt will be determined by the time stamp on the email or online entry, and the time of day that standard mail is delivered on that day. If multiple late entries are received simultaneously (exact same timestamp or mail delivery day), they will be listed in alphabetical order of their middle name (or first if no middle is given).

    For the 2023-2024 school year, late entries will be accepted (added to the end of the waitlist), until at least the first day of school, or the date where it appears the waiting list will be too long to accommodate. Any late enrollment application cutoff will be posted on the website and is effective immediately.