Victory Charter Schools Hero Program


Victory Charter Schools will begin using a new platform called HERO to track, motivate, and inspire student positive behavior at Victory Charter School. The decision to bring Hero to our school was made with one goal in mind: To make Victory Charter School a better and more positive environment to learn and grow. Along with this letter which describes the program, please find enclosed an easy to
follow flyer that will guide you through signing up for the Hero Phone App so that you may follow your scholar’s progress. We ask that all parents sign up and download the Hero App to receive important updates about how your scholar is doing.

What is the HERO Program?

The Hero program is used by schools nationwide for recognizing stand-out student behavior. We are excited to have Hero here at Victory Charter School. Hero will help us operate efficiently, keep consistent policies running throughout the school, and perhaps most importantly, improve the communication between parents/guardians and school educators on scholar behavior. As some of you know, VCS utilizes “THE CODE”, our Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) framework to guide scholars on target behaviors that will maximize their learning and that of others.


What does “THE CODE” stands for?

Take Learning Seriously
Honor Everyone & Everything
Enjoy the Quest
Come to Class Prepared
Own My Actions
Do The Right Thing
Evolve & Level Up

To bring life to “THE CODE,” HERO will reward positive target behaviors using points that scholars can receive
per period (periods 1-8) and in their homeroom classes:

  • +1: (Take Learning Seriously) Follow instructions and transitions
    • Is the scholar ready with his/her materials for the next subject?
    • Is the scholar listening and following the directions of the professor?
    • Is the scholar transitioning quickly activities and lesson segments
  • +1: (Honor Everyone & Everything) Chivalrous citizenship/kindness
    • Is the scholar being kind and respectful?
    • Is the scholar helping others?
    • Is the scholar keeping his/her area and the classroom clean?
  • +1: (E1) Enjoy the Quest
    • Is the scholar excited about his/her progress?
    • Is the scholar bringing joy and positivity to him/herself and others?
  • +1: (Come to Class Prepared) On-going Dress code
    • Does the scholar still have the shirt tucked in, belt on, and ID accessible?
  • +1: (Own My Actions) Arrive on Time
    • Is the scholar on time to each class?
  • +1: (Do The Right Thing) Homework and Material Readiness
    • In the first 15 minutes of class check, does the scholar have their homework turned into google classroom?
    • Does the scholar have the materials that he/she might need to be successful in class?
    • Writing implement, paper/notebook, charged device (if applicable), novel, etc.
  • +1: (Evolve & Level Up) On task in class/Zoom (using fast track only)
    • *Multiple frequency points
    • You can give additional points for the following:
      • “Do Now” completed
      • Actively participating and engaged in the current activity/assignment


Here are the points that scholars will receive in their homerooms:

KnightsAtSchool Face to Face on campus Homeroom:

  • +2: Arrival to school in dress code
    • Dress code is defined by the day of the week and the gender. Please refer to the Uniform section below for more information.
  • Does the scholar have the correct shirt, shirt tucked in, wearing the tie, wearing the belt, correct bottoms, wearing the ID badge, correct shoes, correct socks and clear plastic backpack?
  • +2: COVID-19 mask
    • Scholars are wearing their face masks.
    • KnightsAtHome in dress code first teaching class that are following the rules:

KnightsAtHome Virtual Students Homeroom:

  • +2: KnightsAtHome in dress code:
    • The scholars need to wear the correct shirt on the correct day.
    • +2: The video is on the entire class time.


How will this affect your child’s day-to-day?

In the simplest sense, Hero will help Victory Charter School run more efficiently, which means that the biggest impact of the program will be that your child will spend more time in class. Victory Charter School expects big changes in school culture/climate, which means that our scholars’ time will be safer and more productive, too.

We believe that accountability teaches responsibility, and Victory Charter school will use Hero to drastically reduce tardiness just by making sure students are held accountable. These are situations where scholars are reluctant to get positive reinforcement. There are some negative points in the HERO system, but not as many as the positive. For all serious negative infractions the professor will fill out the discipline referral form. The negative points are:

  • -5: COVID-19 infraction (social distance [touching/area])
  • -5: Inappropriate language/disrespect
  • -5: Refusing to comply and not participating in class (misbehavior)
  • -5: Damaging or misusing property/technology
  • -3: Non-compliance with classroom/school cell phone policy
  • -2: Out of assigned area


The points are for… the Hero Knight Store!

Once each quarter, scholars will be able to shop using the HERO app to purchase items from the Knight Store. Scholars can purchase items directly from the Knight Store at any time during the end of the quarter. Please see attached for the list of incentive items that your scholars can buy with the points!


What does all this mean for my child’s privacy?

HERO takes their responsibility to protect sensitive student information very seriously. Along with top of the line technical security, they have internal policies that put your child’s privacy first. At Victory Charter School, your child’s privacy, security and safety are of the utmost importance to us. Because of this, we will work closely with Hero to ensure that the programs we put in place are not only FERPA compliant, but also compliant with all requirements unique to our state, our district, and our school.
We’re extremely excited to bring Hero into Victory Charter School , and look forward to seeing the positive mpact that it will have.

If you have any questions about who Hero is and what they do, you can learn more about them at

Victory Charter School is a HERO school!

HERO encourages positive student behavior choices. When students demonstrate HERO behaviors, they may earn points toward exciting incentives. We invite students and parents to register for your own HERO account so we may keep the lines of communication between home and school open.


To register, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the parent button
  3. Click “Create An Account” (and enter a PERSONAL/HOME EMAIL ADDRESS)
  4. Enter your name and email address, choose a password, and click “Create user”
  5. Click “Add Student”
  6. Choose “No” to add your student using their ID Number, Date of Birth, and Last Name.